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  1. 自我认识简介self-introduction

  Now I am an associate professor at the department of **** at *** University. I earned a bachelor and master Degree in from *** University, and PhD degree in 2013 from ***** University. Since I got my master degree from ***** University, I have been working at ***** University for about 15 years.

  2. 我的岗位

  I have been doing research in the field of ****. During my Ph. D studies, my research work mainly focused on ****. After graduating of PhD, I begin to concentrate on ****. Now, I am collaborating with my colleague Prof. M focusing on ****.

  3. 研修班计划方案How will this program meet your educational goals?

  I intend to study on "**************", which aims to ***********.

  I am also willing to enlarge my research interest to other related field. If necessary, I can do some work on your other research field relating to ***********. I hope to make contribution to your lab.

  4. 为那些使用Prof. **的微生物实验室室?

  As I have mentioned above, I have strong interest in ****. I learn about your excellent research and publications in your lab website. Your research focuses ****. Moreover, your lab has good research facilities. So I think your research work matches with my former education and research experience. I'd like to do research in your group.

  5. 为一些会选择自己学院?Why do you choose my college and city

  **** is one of the top universities in the world, which has been founded more than 100 years. My college classmates Dr. C has been to **** as visiting scholar. He told me that ****is a good host university.

  6. 你要想从我这里英文学完一些?What are you hoping to learn when you are in lab?

   I want to learn a lot of new techniques and advanced research experience to improve my ability of doing research. Visiting abroad can both broaden and deepen my learning in this field. Furthermore, in order to improve my teaching  strategies and skills in English, I want to audit and observe some related courses. All in all, I think it’s of great importance to go abroad to enrich your experience.

  7. 我们的优弱点优势

  I have and rich experience and enthusiasm in doing research work. 

  I am used to making full preparation before doing sth., which may lead to high cost of time.

  8. 你也申批了同一的幼儿园吗?

  I applied for several other visiting scholar positions, but this is my first interview. I also hope this is my final interview.

  9. 相关少儿英语问题

  I have passed the exam called PETs 5 which is hosted by China national education examinational authority. Pets5 is necessary for most government sponsored persons. Qualified score is different according to different funding. Full score of the exam is 100. Only about 10 percent can Pets 5 every year. I got 60 which has been a pretty good score.

  10. 出国旅游国家助学金的成本费用

  I have a funding launched by *******. ****** will provide me with enough stipends for my studying and living abroad for 12 months.

  11. 加入过國際办公会议么?Did you participate in any international conference?

  No, but I hope I can have opportunity to participate in international conference. It is a good chance to exchange with other researchers in similar fields and learn from others.

  12. 动手能力性格爱好英文hobby

  I like to do exercises, especially play badminton. To do exercises could make me energetic.

  Tips: 出了经常练习器口语英语座谈会外,更有极为至关重要的一点儿,必要要注意力措辞,不摸透的平台可以快放语调,要简约了解的解答,让对手能听的懂得。


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